Onboard your customers, quickly and conveniently.

Forget long queues, forms and long appointments and potential frauds. What if you can onboard your customers securely without the need for face-to-face verification?

Welcome to Real ID.

Real ID is an identity verification platform that can be integrated into your business so you can verify your customers’ identity remotely and securely swiftly. It is a seamless, cost-effective and smarter way to connect with your customers.

How it works

User downloads Real ID app

Adds physical IDs using phone camera.

Then takes a selfie and verify personal details.

App automatically detects if photo is taken live to prevent fraudulent users.

App verifies user is a real person.

App verifies by matching user’s photo on identity documents to selfie using facial recognition technology.

Using blockchain technology, data is encrypted and stored in decentralised ledger.

Why use Real ID


Scalability for business. Peace of mind for customers.

Real ID platform uses blockchain technology as a decentralised ledger to store encrypted identity information. What this means is a reliable network that protects your data from possible tampering.

Decentralisation of data allows for third-party identity verification without the need for a central authority. As a result, making identity transactions more efficient and scalable.



Our face, the ultimate proof of identity.

The Real ID app serves as a self-identification tool for users. Equipped with facial recognition technology from SenseTime, it allows users to create their own digital identity by verifying themselves with a selfie. It’s simple, fuss-free and most importantly, secure.

Liveness Detection

Detection of live person to prevent image manipulation. This safeguards your identity against fraudulent users.

AI Learning & Face Matching

Continuously learning of facial features such as positioning to fulfil different accuracy requirements.

24/7, Fast Response Service

Verification is automated by backend systems. That means users can verify themselves anywhere and anytime with the app.

Sector use cases


Corporate Service Providers

Human Resources



Financial Services

P2P Market


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