Privacy Plus

Gain control of the privacy of your personal data

With Privacy Plus, you can manage and encrypt your name cards,  digital signature, identity documents and other personal data with your own private certificate.



Document Management

Manage and easily access all of your identity, proof of address, education certificates and other documents in a single place.

Sign and add watermark to your documents with ease and convenience within the same app.

Document Signature

Sign documents seamlessly and remotely.

Documents are encrypted to protect important documents from being leaked.


Apply watermark within Privacy Plus app to prevent misuse of your personal and professional documents.


Digital Business Cards

Scan and accurately capture all contact information with our optical character recognition technology.

Business cards will be encrypted by RPA so that customer and business information cannot be accessed and abused.

Proprietary certificate encryption

With Privacy Plus, you can encrypt personal data with your own certificate.

No other party (including Privacy Plus) can decrypt your information. Decryption can only be done through the use of your locally stored private certificate.


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